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Some versions may require changes to the database. These changes or database "migrations" are applied automatically and safely, but, it is recommended to take a backup of the Postgres database before running the --upgrade option, especially if you have made customizations to the database tables.


  • Download the latest release and extract the listmonk binary.
  • ./listmonk --upgrade to upgrade an existing DB. Upgrades are idempotent and running them multiple times have no side effects.
  • Run ./listmonk and visit http://localhost:9000.


  • docker-compose pull to pull the latest version from DockerHub.
  • docker-compose run --rm app ./listmonk --upgrade to upgrade an existing DB.
  • Run docker-compose up app db and visit http://localhost:9000.


  • Head to your dashboard, and select your Listmonk project.
  • Select the GitHub deployment service.
  • In the Deployment tab, head to the latest deployment, click on the three vertical dots to the right, and select "Redeploy".
  • Railway Redeploy option