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listmonk is a self-hosted, full fledged, high performance mailing list and newsletter manager. It comes as a standalone binary and the only dependency is a Postgres database.

Alpha software

listmonk is alpha software and may change and break. Use with caution. That said, it has been in active use at for several months where it has processed hundreds of campaigns and tens of millions of e-mails.

listmonk screenshot


  • Download the latest release and extract the listmonk binary somewhere.
  • Copy config.toml.sample to config.toml and add your configuration (SMTP and Postgres DB credentials primarily).
  • ./listmonk --install to setup the DB.
  • Visit http://localhost:9000.
  • Since there is no user auth yet, it's best to put listmonk behind a proxy like Nginx and setup basicauth on all endpoints except for the few endpoints that need to be public. Here is a sample nginx config for production use.

Running on docker

Read this to run listmonk on a Docker container.


listmonk is free, open source software licensed under AGPLv3. There are a few of essential features such as user auth/management and bounce tracking that are currently missing. Contributions are welcome.

The backend is written in Go and the frontend is in React with Ant Design for UI. See developer setup to get started.