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listmonk supports multiple custom messaging backends in additional to the default SMTP e-mail backend, enabling not just e-mail campaigns, but arbitrary message campaigns such as SMS, FCM notifications etc.

A Messenger is a web service that accepts a campaign message pushed to it as a JSON request, which the service can in turn broadcast as SMS, FCM etc. Messengers are registered in the Settings -> Messengers UI, and can be selected on individual campaigns.

Messengers support optional BasicAuth authentication. Plain text format for campaign content is ideal for messengers such as SMS and FCM.

When a campaign starts, listmonk POSTs messages in the following format to the selected messenger's endpoint. The endpoint should return a 200 OK response in case of a successful request.

The address required to broadcast the message, for instance, a phone number or an FCM ID, is expected to be stored and relayed as subscriber attributes.

    "subject": "Welcome to listmonk",
    "body": "The message body",
    "content_type": "plain",
    "recipients": [{
        "uuid": "e44b4135-1e1d-40c5-8a30-0f9a886c2884",
        "email": "",
        "name": "Anon Doe",
        "attribs": {
            "phone": "123123123",
            "fcm_id": "2e7e4b512e7e4b512e7e4b51",
            "city": "Bengaluru"
        "status": "enabled"
    "campaign": {
        "uuid": "2e7e4b51-f31b-418a-a120-e41800cb689f",
        "name": "Test campaign",
        "tags": ["test-campaign"]

Messenger implementations

Following is a list of HTTP messenger servers that connect to various backends.

Name Backend
listmonk-messenger AWS Pinpoint SMS
listmonk-verimor-gateway Verimor
listmonk-mailersend Mailersend
listmonk-novu-messenger Novu
listmonk-push-messenger Google FCM