TOML Configuration file

One or more TOML files can be read by passing --config config.toml multiple times. Apart from a few low level configuration variables and the database configuration, all other settings can be managed from the Settings dashboard on the admin UI.

To generate a new sample configuration file, run --listmonk --new-config

Environment variables

Variables in config.toml can also be provided as environment variables prefixed by LISTMONK_ with periods replaced by __ (double underscore). Example:

Environment variable Example value
LISTMONK_app__address ""
LISTMONK_app__admin_username listmonk
LISTMONK_app__admin_password listmonk
LISTMONK_db__host db
LISTMONK_db__user listmonk
LISTMONK_db__password listmonk
LISTMONK_db__database listmonk
LISTMONK_db__ssl_mode disable

Customizing system templates

Read this

HTTP routes

When configuring auth proxies in front of listmonk, these end user facing URIs should be open to the internet. All other paths can be secured behind the proxy.

Methods Route
GET, POST /subscription/*
GET, /link/*
GET /campaign/*
GET /public/*