TOML Configuration file

One or more TOML files can be read by passing --config config.toml multiple times. Apart from a few low level configuration variables and the database configuration, all other settings can be managed from the Settings dashboard on the admin UI.

To generate a new sample configuration file, run --listmonk --new-config

Environment variables

Variables in config.toml can also be provided as environment variables prefixed by LISTMONK_ with periods replaced by __ (double underscore). Example:

Environment variable Example value
LISTMONK_app__address ""
LISTMONK_app__admin_username listmonk
LISTMONK_app__admin_password listmonk
LISTMONK_db__db db
LISTMONK_db__user listmonk
LISTMONK_db__password listmonk
LISTMONK_db__database listmonk
LISTMONK_db__ssl_mode disable

Customizing public templates

All the static assets including templates for public pages and system generated e-mails are bundled into the binary. They can be overridden by passing ./listmonk --static-dir=your/custom/path. To customize, copy the static directory to a local directory, customize the templates, and pass the path to listmonk using the --static-dir flag.