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A global public archive is maintained on the public web interface. It can be enabled under Settings -> Settings -> General -> Enable public mailing list archive.

To make a campaign available in the public archive (provided it has been enabled in the settings as described above), enable the option 'Publish to public archive' under Campaigns -> Create new -> Archive.

When using template variables that depend on subscriber data (such as any template variable referencing .Subscriber), such data must be supplied as 'Campaign metadata', which is a JSON object that will be used in place of .Subscriber when rendering the archive template and content.

When individual subscriber tracking is enabled, TrackLink requires that a UUID of an existing user is provided as part of the campaign metadata. Any clicks on a TrackLink from the archived campaign will be counted towards that subscriber.

As an example:

  "UUID": "5a837423-a186-5623-9a87-82691cbe3631",
  "email": "",
  "name": "Reader",
  "attribs": {}

Archive campaign